Aspire Tennis Professionals is a leader in the provision of tennis coaching services in the Perth western suburbs.

With programs catering for all from toddlers to elites, Aspire’s coaching staff pride themselves on our energy, innovation and professionalism in all the coaching programs they undertake.

Based at the Mosman Park Tennis Club, Aspire also engaged to conduct the tennis programs for Presbyterian Ladies College, Scotch College, Methodist Ladies College, Iona Presentation College and Christ Church Grammar School.

Above all, at Aspire Tennis Professionals, we want to make tennis fun. Our experience has shown us that this enjoyment of the game has led to other benefits for our students, which include –

  1. Exposure to elite coaches. All Aspire coaches are experienced players themselves. Many of them have had 10 years or more of junior coaching themselves. When they speak, they do so from experience.
  2. Consistency of coaching message. Every coach is responsible for a team, lesson and/or group. This helps the coach to appreciate individuals’ strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly over time.
  3. Participation in structured programs. Every coach is required to adhere to a structured, carefully designed program. At any given time, it is possible to say “your child will be learning this skill or performing this activity on this day”.
  4. Improved performance of students in competition. While “winning” is by no means our focus, our coaches have coached winning teams across all year levels and standards.
  5. Increased attendance by students. Students enjoy the sessions; they like their coaches and notice that they are improving. As such, we have never found attendance to be a problem.